Academic Program


Hebrew language is taught by trained instructors using the Tal Am curriculum. Students are expected to be fluent in Hebrew reading, writing, and speaking when they leave Akiva.


Judaics is taught by qualified teachers who lead by example. Using the Lehavin Ulehaskil curriculum, students are assessed according to standards in place for dozens of schools throughout North America. When a student leaves Akiva they will be familiar with the services in any Jewish synagogue or life cycle event. Most importantly, they will be imbued with a passion for whatever Jewish observances their family celebrates at home.

Language Arts

Language Arts and Social Studies are taught by experienced and qualified teachers with a passion for the subjects. The teachers create learning environments which meet the individual needs of each student. Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers.

Math and Science

Math and Science are taught by experienced teachers. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves using Singapore Math and Science. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace.