"My Jewish education has increasingly become one of the things I cherish the most. I never was and still am not religious, but my Judaism is a core tenet of my being. I am so proud to be Jewish, to belong to the Jewish people and all of it's history and traditions - thanks to my education at Akiva Academy, that history and those traditions aren't mysteries to me. I understand my religion and culture and can participate in it freely and an in informed manner. I am so thankful for all of the Judiac education I got in my early years!!"

-Hayden Rubensohn

"I went to an orthodox Yeshiva high school from grades 9 through 12, and upon graduating I joined the Beis Medrash program, where I'm enjoying my third year spending all day learning Torah. Though I can't say for sure, the fact that I'm now learning at PTI probably has a significant amount to do with having identified as a Jew from an early age. I don't think that identification would have been as strong nor as amicable without Akiva starting me off on the right foot."

 -Ezra Wolf

"My Jewish education at Akiva formed the basis of my strong Jewish beliefs, a love of Israel and my current lifestyle. It was an important and significant stepping stone to furthering my Jewish learning as a teenager and into adulthood. It was the education that I received from Akiva that encouraged me to pursue a very similar educational pathway for my own children."

​-Talia Crystal

"Aside from achieving the educational milestones of learning Hebrew and Torah, from the start, Akiva taught and practiced v'ahavta l'reacha kamocha. I would like to think that this simple principle has shaped many of the decisions I have made along the way and much of the person that I have become."

​-Talia Crystal

​ "Akiva taught me the values of kindness, acceptance and generosity that I strive to live by today."

-Bram Cole

From Munchkin to Menchen