• May not be given or shared with any other student
  • We are unable to heat up lunches sent from home or provide hot water due to safety and Kashrut concerns. If your child requires hot water for their lunch, please send it in a sealed thermos.

In order to be sensitive to all of our families, food brought from home for individual consumption is subject to the following rules:

All Akiva Academy functions, meetings, and fundraisers must adhere to the kashrut policy of the school.

All food brought into the school for school use must be pre-approved by Rabbi Greenwald. Please see attached page for a sample of approved
symbols. Items prepared at home cannot be distributed at school. If you have a question about a certain symbol, please speak to the Director of
Judaic Studies.

Please bring any questions or concerns you about kashrut to the Director of Judaic Studies.

Kashrut Policy