What is Torah High?

We’re credit. We’re connection.

Torah High is the fun way to earn extra high school credit. Our courses are unique, always fun, and experiential, with elements both inside and outside the classroom.  Students get ahead while spending time with friends, learning with dynamic teachers and being part of exciting trips and programs they choose. Torah High is a quick, effective way to earn extra credit and to connect to a Jewish identity.

Our Courses:
It’s amazing that the Jewish people have not only survived the last three thousand years but we have profoundly impacted civilization. We were ground breaking then and we are still ground breaking now. Our values, history, and ethics continue to impact, influence and transform modern society. In our courses we explore these ideas to foster awareness of Jewish identity while successfully living and contributing to modern society. Whether in a classroom over a slice of pizza or outside the classroom with friends, our student body comes together in a way that’s always fun, informative, and dynamic.

All Torah High courses are approved and accredited by Alberta Education.

Head Location:
Akiva Academy
140 Haddon Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2Y3
Ph 403-258-1312​​

Akiva Academy